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An Illustrated Choose Your Own Adventure Book About Birds

Could this be the best bird book?

I enjoyed reading David Sibley’s What it’s like to be a Bird while drinking my morning coffee over a couple of weeks. It ‘s a beautifully illustrated book about bird behavior and physiology. It’s designed to be flipped through, each paragraph stands alone and directs you to a similar concept on a different page. It is an illustrated choose your own adventure book about birds. I tried to read it all in order cover to cover but keep getting whisked away to learn more about how feathers grow or that chimney swifts stay airborne for 10 months of the year! This meant that I reread my favorite parts when I caught up to them chronologically. He does a very good job at articulating ideas and has made a fun read. If you don’t like to read about biology it’s worth it for the paintings.

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