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Bioluminescent Bucket Spelunkers

I know these guys as Winter Fireflies. Their eggs glow, their larva glow (I often see them as glow worms on the ground in the fall) and their pupa glow! But once they emerge as adults they glow for a few hours and then never again.
They hide in the cracks of tree bark and over winter as adults and can live for several years.

Winter Firefly

They are active early in the spring and I found this one on a Box Elder (Manitoba Maple) as I approached it with my drill and tap. I looked for a good spot on the tree and this guy pointed me towards the prime spigot spot. I drilled and hung my bucket and felt like it was a very good oman that a Firefly was there.

I looked up the beetle and they are apparently also called Sap Bucket Beetles because they are Maple syrup sap bucket experts!

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