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The Snazziest Bird Around

I wonder if I’m a tetrachromat, you know one of those people with an extra photo sensor that can see more colors than muggles… I mean normal people. It seems like I see colors in a very different way than some people. I mostly notice the differences in yellowy colors. Sometimes I have arguments about what color something is against people who seem to only see the brown in things. Before I was a birder these arguments were always about clothes. But now I find it lonely to admire beautifully colorful birds that other birders call drab.

Northern Flicker

Cornel for example calls the Northern Flicker drab. Brown.
Horse feathers!
This is the Snazziest bird around.

And beyond the Flicker’s yellow quills, red and blue head dress, sexy dappled spots over a rainbow of yellow belly feathers, this bird is cool.

This is one of our largest woodpeckers, and I mean, woodpeckers are cool in general, but this one forages on the lawn with the Robins. She nests in a tree cavity and if a Racoon climbs up to abduct her fledgeflickers she buzzes loudly, just like a whole hive of bees, a noise that’s terrifying to Racoons.

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