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Blue Blooded Kangaroo Bugs

Wood Louse

This bug’s not an insect, it’s a crustacean like a Shrimp or Ayatana’s mascot the Trilobite. (I bet Trilobites were their ancestors) They have 14 legs and copper based blood that’s blue instead of our red iron based blood. Which is weird cos copper is so red and iron is so blue, but if you’ve played with those metals to make colorful inks and dyes you’ve seen what weird magic they can do.

These Armored dudes left the ocean a very long time ago and are completely terrestrial but are still sensitive to drying out so they sleep during the day in humid hideouts like under logs and rocks.

Lady Wood Lice lay their eggs in a pouch where they incubate them, like a Kangaroo, and stay with the babies after they’ve hatched for a few months.


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