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Asparagus Ghosts

Field Horse Tail (Equisetum)

These Asparagus Ghosts come from a long line of silica structured plants. So long that they don’t even seed. They are ooold school. Their spores each have 4 legs that trot, canter and dance dressage to spread their DNA to greener pastures. (Seriously, Google Horsetail spores and watch a video.)

Each of these mushroomesque spears come from a long root. So long they can taste the center of the earth. Their lives are measured in centuries, they look prehistoric. I used to think they were sexually dimorphic, having differently shaped male and female plants, but those different shaped plants are connected rhyzomatically, this one is the sexual part, that other horse hair looking one is the leafy part. This is one of 5 species I’ve seen growing around here: Field, Marsh, Variegated, Wood and Dwarf.


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