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Avian Hypnosis

Killdeer distraction display

Killdeer are little wading birds cute enough to eat. If a Killdeer is nesting and she sees a predator coming (like me for example) she does something special. Something that would make your mouth water. Something that’s so utterly hypnotic to any one with K9 teeth that it becomes physically impossible to look away even though there is a little voice in your head begging you to look for the baby Killdeer near by that she is distracting you from.

Killdeer Mum standing between distraction displays

Baby Killdeer are probably dangerously cute. They are probably stripy cotton balls balanced on q-tip stilts. They probably have slapstick walks and probably wrestle like kittens. But nobody’s ever seen one because it’s impossible to look away from Mum’s hypnosis.

I tried once. I turned away from her and walked in the opposite direction from where she was leading me. She ran right up in front of me crying and stood at my feet. All of her 6 inches tall. She went quiet and she stared me in the eyes. So I did what she asked, I apologized and I walked away.

Avian Hypnosis

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