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Yellow is the Lightest Color

Yellow Warbler

This is one of many warbler species that people flock to Point Pelee to see this week. They are migratory birds. They are made of tooth picks and cotton balls and tiny yellow feathers because yellow is the the lightest color. They are so small I could probably fit 3 of them in my mouth with only their tiny heads peaking out to sing. Most Warblers winter much farther south than here and summer much farther north than here so the only time I ever see one is if I am lucky enough to be looking right where one lands momentarily to catch their breath while they make their long journey. They pass through for a few days each spring on their way to breed. Spring is the most fun time to see them because they are wearing their party plumage and singing all the way.

Made of marshmallows

My first day at Point Pelee I walked down to the point, stepped out onto the beach and looked out at Lake Eerie. Its called the Angry Lake and is so big that it feels like a sea. It might even have tidal behavior. The wind and waves on the beach were so powerful they pushed me off balance. And I chocked on my breath from admiration that these tiny yellow birds of toothpicks and cotton balls sail between the heavy sky and the Angry Lake to touch down just where I am looking.


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