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Swamp Creatures in the Rain

Thr Biophilium Bayou

It rained for days. My tent kept the water out but my campsite was swamped. My kitchen was quicksand and (the best part) the ground under my tent was a soft squishy mud puddle.

Prothonotary Warbler

I did a Photoshoot in the rain with a sexy Prothonotory Warbler who had been posing in the forest swamp. Thousands of photos. I usually take a couple hundred photos a day and post any useful identification shots on iNaturalist and then post 5 or so nice images on IG. It’s been 14 years that I process my photos at the end of each day otherwise they would just pile up and never be looked at. Until this day.

From the swamp I walked down a forest path and came upon a little clearing. The same clearing where I’d watched some Sandhill Cranes fly over the day before.

Little Red Bat

Then, finally, the sun came out, and so did the insects and then so did everyone who eats insects and so on all the way up the food chain. Which meant that all sorts of nocturnal animals who hadn’t eaten all week came out to play like a hungry looking Coyote, a starving Great Grey Owl and this Little Red Bat.

I plopped down on my knees to steady myself and chased her with my camera lens taking thousands of high speed shots. It was a great workout (my lens weighs 6 lbs) and she was moving fast. She made hairpin turns after flies that I couldn’t see. After this it was much easier for me to shoot the Ruby Crowned Kinglet, who flits around and never stands still. The sun shone through the little bat’s wings showing off why she is called the Little Red Bat. She flew around in front of me, catching insects out of the air for 45 minutes before I had to walk away because it was too exciting.

So now there is a time capsule on my hard drive. Thousands of unprocessed photos of a little yellow bird admiring his reflection in the rainy swamp and an aerobatic bat feasting in the sun.

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