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Abandoned Worm Flags

Look at this weirdo. He’s like a snake with no face or scales and he can taste with every part of his body.

Earth Worm

Earthworms are not native to North America. They arrived here in ballast, you know, all the earth carried on ships coming from Europe to fetch lumber and fur that would have been too light to stay the right way up if they were empty. The earth was be dumped when they arrived in America. There were probably lots of worms stowed away in flower pots too.

Now they are everywhere. You can hear them at night chewing leaves. They work in the dark foraging fallen foliage that they carry (I don’t know how, they don’t have hands) back to their holes to chew into lovely soil. When the dawn breaks they squint and then quit. They go strait to bed no matter what they were in the middle of, which is why you sometimes see leaves standing up on the lawn early in the morning. They are leaves abandoned by worms part way down their holes that I expect act as flags for early birds.

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