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Buzzards and Sky Burials

Vultures have fancy antibiotics inside them that kill the bacteria that rots meat. They can eat bacteria that would kill most other animals. Being full of pathogenic bacteria makes Vultures inedible to most other animals. They have no predators and therefore have a very high survival rate for a bird. They can live to be 60 years old. They don’t start laying eggs until they are 6 and then they only lay 1 egg every 2 years.

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

I’ve been reading about decomposition and Tibetan sky burials, where human remains are fed to Vultures. If a body is put out and the Vultures don’t take it, it’s assumed that the person had a bad life and will have a bad rebirth. This is happening more and more lately because people make biocide. What? Why would we do that? Why do we even have a word for that? People put out poison that kills anything that comes across it, because humans hate rats and mice and anything non-human. Those things die and the Vultures come to clean it up and recycle the nutrients back into the system like they always do, but the rat poison kills them so they’re not around help us be reborn into good humans.

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