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Reeeeal Live Wintergreen

The essence of these leaves are in lots of mint candies, so we call this flavor minty, but it’s its own distinct flavor that’s sort of hot and cold at the same time.

Wild Wintergreen

Wintergreen essence does something magical with light. It absorbs Ultra Violet light and emits visible light. Did you ever crunch Wint-0-Green life savers in a dark closet with a friend? They make a big spark. It’s Triboluminescence, which all hard candy make when you crunch them, but the light being emitted is UV light. Wintergreen essence transforms the invisible UV light to visible light!

These plants stay green all winter. (I wonder if they are actually green when they are under the snow or if they go white when they are not photosynthesizing.) The berries ripened in the fall and are looking beautiful and fresh today, 5 or 6 months later.

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