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Spotted, Sproingy, Browsers

Do you know how big an Elephant is? Well, if you put 4 of them trunk to tail a White-Tail Deer could jump right over them! White tailed deer are the sproingiest mammals in North America. They are our Kangaroos.

Doe and Bambi White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

Mummy Kanga… I mean Deer look after their Bimbis for 2 years and when they are very smol they have spots that make them invisible on the sun dappled dried grass so mum can leave the babies alone out in the open while she goes out foraging to collect snacks to turn to milk.

Deer feet are very skinny, like the opposite of snow shoes. Normally Deer live in small groups but in the winter the snow is so deep around here that Deer form large groups so they can walk in each other’s foot prints.

White-Tailed Bambi browsing the Ayatana residency garden

White-Tailed Deer populations have soared in response to the removal of their predators: Coyotes, Wolves, Bob Cats and Mountain Lions. Their large populations have a visible effect on the rest of ecology. Deer are browsers, they eat the leaves of young trees and herbaceous plants. When Deer populations become very dense a brows line becomes visible; all the young leaves below 6 feet, the highest point Deer can reach, are stripped of the forest, making it impossible for young trees to get established and leaving little else for other animals who forage this part of the forest to eat, or for the animals who eat those animals to eat. This empty space in the ecology makes a pathway for invasive species that Deer have not evolved a tolerance to, to move through.

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