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Female Body, Male Head

There are these handsome ducks that hang out with the Mallards who aren’t Mallards. In a flock of 200 Mallards today I saw 2 that were different, they look like female Mallards but much darker and their feet are a different color. This is a Black Duck. My friend says that when he would come down here as a kid there would be 200 Black Ducks and only 2 Mallards.

They can bread together and I know that there is one hybrid in this flock, but I can never spot him. I’ve heard that he looks like a female Mallard with a male Mallard’s green head. And I’ve seen people online getting excited about what they call transgender ducks. (Menopausal ducks revert to male duck plumage! But that’s not what transgender is.) I want to spend more time with them so my eyes get better at seeing them. They are such happy little creatures and don’t seem to mind me standing around.

I found him

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